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Key features

A wide range
of functionalities

Identify layer thickness distribution over boards and panels

Generate color plots of layer thickness distribution and related production risk zones over the boards and panels. Produce 2D bar charts for efficient production variance analysis.

Your real-life panel and pattern plating tank (FAB) or virtual plating tank (DFM)

Your real-life panel and pattern plating tanks, including their particular plating chemistry, are pre- configured by Elsyca in your installed version of the Elsyca PCB software, no need for spending time and effort on this.


Understand the impact of your board design and panel layout on the layer thickness distribution with just a few clicks.

Identify critical layer thickness in holes

Generate detailed information on the layer thickness inside holes.

Easy incorporation of PCB layout information

Easy incorporation of PCB layout information: ask your colleagues from the CAM department to export the PCB layout in Extended Gerber format (available in almost every CAM package) and import directly into the Elsyca PCBPlate database.

Support full panel history

Panel Analyzer computes total layer thickness distribution over the panel/holes for one panel, while accounting for the full panel history: position of the panel on the flight bar and process parameters for each plating step, as well as other relevant steps like etching or electroless deposition

User-friendly positioning and automated patterning of panels on the flight bar

The consistency of the plating package is verified upfront

Robust and fast simulation

Robust and fast simulation of the current density and layer thickness distribution over all panels

Optimization in just a few iterations

Easy what-if simulation to verify the impact of layout modifications, tooling (shielding, current robbers, or even auxiliary anodes), different panel configurations and loads (and thus production capacity) and process parameter modifications.

Convenient to share and collaborate

Elsyca PCBPlate supports the free standalone Elsyca XPlorer viewer, the visualization and post-processing environment that allows sharing color plot results with other stakeholders.

Automated yet customizable reports

Automated yet customizable reports are generated at the end of the simulation process, in support of ISO quality processes

Key Benefits


Visualize the risk zones (out-of-spec layer thickness) on the panel and adapt the board design, panel layout, process parameters or tooling design accordingly.


Production optimization can be done before the panels are manufactured. Avoid lengthy trial-and-error runs and stressful production surprises. Buy yourself some peace of mind.

Profit margins

Avoid trial runs and reduce plating problems without the necessity for increasing plating times, ... it all leads to higher profits for your company.


Elsyca PCBPlate is an investment in knowledge as it helps to accumulate and store critical company know-how.

Customer satisfaction

Become a value-adding partner for your customer. Advice your customer on DFM using comprehensive simulation results, Build up knowledge by using intelligent simulation software and enhance your overall service level.

A study of the layer thickness over the panels, patterns and inside holes confirmed the accuracy and reliability of Elsyca PCBPlate.

Plating simulation technology validated at Eurocircuits

Elsyca PCBPlate is a state-of-the-art PCB plating simulation platform providing detailed layer thickness distribution information over the panels, patterns and inside holes.

To ensure the simulation results provide accurate and reliable information, a validation study was executed on panels produced by Eurocircuits (www.eurocircuits.com). The setup was a combination of different boards on a panel, in a 2x2 panel layout.

Fig1: panel layout flightbar

Different measurement points were defined on the front/back side of the panels as well as areas of interest for through-holes.

Fig 2: location measurement points front side/back side and area holes front side

The layer thickness distribution was computed for all panels, what follows are the simulation and measurement results of the panel at the upper right position on the flight bar.

Fig 3: front side on the left, back side on the right

The maximum/minimum layer thickness values where measured inside the holes in the selected areas, and compared with the simulation results. The results are shown in the graph below.

Summarizing the measured/simulated maximum/minimum values in the holes:

Minimum value

Maximum value

Average measured thickness



Average simulated thickness






Next, the values at the pre-defined measurement points were compared:

Summarizing the measured/simulated values on the panel/pattern:

Front side

Back side

Average measured thickness



Average simulated thickness







The validation study proves the software provides a +90% accuracy level for the simulated layer thickness value.This implies the Elsyca PCBPlate users can rely on the simulation results to upfront validate different design, panel layout or process configurations.

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